Zenteraction (noun)

Zen·ter·ac·tion | \ ˌZen-tər-ˈak-shən \
Definition of Zenteraction: To communicate with mutual or reciprocal action or influence to produce a harmonious outcome

When it comes to Buyers interacting with Sellers, there is often a disconnect in terms of what each person is thinking.

Buyers can often give unclear signals to the seller – Not because they have bad intentions, but because it’s Human Nature to avoid letting another person down.

And Sellers are often inaccurate or unaware of what a Buyer is feeling because of the sometimes awkwardness in asking difficult questions, or tending to error in favor of forecasting most interactions being positive

Zenteraction is a sales enablement platform that allows buyers and sellers to communicate effectively to create a frictionless sales experience. 

Serving as a comfortable resource that buyers are more likely to be transparent with, Zenteraction utilizes machine learning and automation to asks the most concise, relevant, and strategic questions of a buyer at the right time, in the right way, to get answers to questions salespeople sometimes find difficult or don’t get a chance to ask, or prospects find difficult to answer when asked directly. 

It doesn’t replace the sales process or make it less personal, it helps compliment the sellers interaction with a prospect by making other interactions and meetings more effective.

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