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Zenteraction is changing the way small businesses, startups, content creators, and individuals communicate during the sales process for a frictionless sales experience. Zenteraction is perfect for companies that can't justify a large sales team because it empowers everyone from the CEO to coordinators to sell - all with a single button.
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Why Zenteraction?

Because with Zenteraction, everyone can sell by simply talking about your product or service and Zenteracting with leads. Zenteractions are easy, low-pressure, and full or insights.
Zenteraction is a sales enablement platform that empowers non-salespeople to communicate effectively.
  • Frictionless sales
    Put an end to guessing and endless follow-ups
  • Actionable insights
    Understand what’s working and what’s not in the sales process
  • Powerful projections
    More accurate forecasting based on real feedback from prospects
  • Transparent process
    No more akward conversations
  • Advanced AI
    A complicated process is made simple with technology
  • Surprising results
    Improve close ratios

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For Sellers

Every person in your startup, entrepreneur, SMB, or global enterprise can start selling immediately
  • Simple and intuitive user interface

    : Easy one click interaction gauges interest and other insights

  • Actionable insights

    : Get objective answers to questions that guide the sales process

  • Comprehensive reporting

    : Track your performance to reveal your strengths and opportunities for growth

  • Easy lead management

    : Add leads individually or from your CMS, CRM, or other tools with a CSV

For Buyers

  • Quickly interact with sellers

    : Communicate quickly and easily with those looking to sell to you and your organization

  • Limit awkward elements of the sales process

    : An effective way to let Sellers know you are not interested, and stop endless annoying follow ups.

  • Improve the way you buy

    : Gives Sellers important feedback and areas to improve presentations and areas of focus when marketing to you

  • More effective time management

    : Streamlines your buying process and saves you time




  • 10 zenteractions/month
  • Up to 100 leads
  • Community support
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  • Unlimited zenteractions
  • Unlimited leads
  • Company insights
  • Support
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for large teams
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Training and workshops
  • Priority support
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Frequently Asked

No! Zenteraction simply allows both Buyers and Sellers to streamline the sales process and remove some of the “friction” associated with it.

Often times it’s difficult to ask someone directly (if they are interested in moving forward for instance) since neither party wants to feel like they are “letting down” the other. Zenteraction helps remove that awkward part of the process.

Buyers can quickly and effectively provide Sellers feedback based on where we are at in the buying process so that next steps are clearly understood, or annoying communications end if you are clearly not interested.

Almost any B2B or B2C interaction between Buyers and Sellers with a multiple stage sales process can benefit from using Zenteraction!

Yes! If you had a positive experience buying a product or service with the help of Zenteraction as part of the process, we encourage you to let prospective vendors know you would prefer them to engage with you in that way.

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